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Lealani and the Magic Bottle by theclaimedname Lealani and the Magic Bottle by theclaimedname
Lealani walked down the hallway to her boyfriend's room. opened the door and entered the room. She was 21, dark, thin and short Filipina, wearing black platform pumps, tight blue jeans, a blue shirt, a black cardigan over it and had her dark brown glasses. She was pretty short, only 5ft tall, that's why she wore the heels. She walked into the room because she was trying to give a letter to her boyfriend, Marwynne, which she hid next to his other papers. It was their 4th anniversary, and she knew, he would forget... so she planned to surprise him. That surprise was going to go way differently than she planned...

    Lealani opened the door and entered the room and stumbled upon a bottle, reading "Have a sip!" She held the bottle in her hand, looked to see any labeling. She stuttered a little and wondered if she should drink it or not. "There isn't any warning labels of poison.... I guess I can take a little sip" So she opened the top and drank a little. She found the taste to be undesirable: "Eeww, this taste weird" she said as she put the drink onto the table. She started to head out the door, but when she turned around and took her first step, she felt her body ache and a sharp pain came from her stomach.

    "OOOoooohhhh!!! What's going on!!" She fell to the ground, on her knees, trying to relieve the pain. And then it suddenly faded away. She slowly got up and looked around. She then felt something pressing against her bra... "Uuuuhhh...What the.... " She looked down and saw her shirt slowly rise up as her breasts began to grow noticeably slowly. "Wait what?!" She grabbed her breasts as they began to fill her bra faster and faster. "Aaaaahhh!!! This can't be happening!!" She yelled. All of a sudden, she looked up and saw that the room began to shrink. "Oh no!! What's going on?! Why is everything shrinking?!?" She then realized she was growing! 
    She ran towards the door, bending down on her knees to the small opening and tried to fit through, but it was too late: she got to the door and tried to squeeze but she couldn't fit. She then got up and ran to the middle of the room, panicking as she tried to figure out what to do. "How do I stop his!! I just drank a sip!! How do I stop growing?!?!" Growing taller and taller, she hit her head on the ceiling: "OOOWW!" She yelled as she fell on her butt and rubbed her head. She started to feel cramped more and more as her legs stretched longer and her heels finally reached the other side of the room. She tipped over the bed and the small desk to her right. The room shook from her growing body. Her feet then pushed her back against the wall, and started to bend her knees that started for the ceiling. 

    Her right foot found its way to the fireplace, and got stuck. She tried to pull it out, but her foot was placed too into the fire place and had grown too large to even move. Her left foot began out the door, but got stuck in the middle of her foot, and just like her right, was too large to pull out. The door began to creak with her foot enlarging ever so. Her knees bent towards the ceiling. She put her left knee over her right knee from having her legs damage anything else, but her hips and her thighs hit both sides of the room and began to make the room groan. Her enormous thighs were squishing together more and more. "Aaahhhh!!! Someone help me!! I can't grow any more! There's not enough ROOOOOOOOMMM!!!!!" The room got ever more smaller and the room began to groan as she grew more and more inside the tiny room. 
    Luckily, She finally stopped growing before any more strain could be put to the room: Her right foot was stuck in the fireplace, her left foot was stuck in the door, her knees were a few inches from the ceiling, her left knee was over her right, her thighs and hips squeezed the walls and each other, her left arm was stuck out the window, underneath her knees was a table and two chairs

    "Uuuhhhh" She groaned as she tried to move. She barely had enough room to move her right arm, which was the only thing she could move at the instant. "How did that drink even make me grow?! It's almost impossible! I couldn't have grown this tall this fast!" She looked around to see how impossibly big she's grown. "Well, Marwynne did want me to be a little taller..." Lealani looked down at her gigantic new boobs that were almost touching her now gigantic thighs. "...and what is he going to say about these?!" How can this get any worse? She wondered.

    Lealani then felt a knocking on her left pump. "Honey?! What's a black shoe doing in my doorway?" She whispered "Oh no! It's Marwynne! I can't let him see me like this!" She could feel his body trying squeeze through a big enough opening to get passed her large shoe. She then saw a small opening at the top of her foot. She panicked and tried to move her shoe. The door strained and only moved an inch. "Marwynne, now might not be a good time..." Lealani frantically said. He replied "What happened? It's not like you drank the mysterious bottle right?" Lealani leaned a little over to her right because of her large breasts in the way, and could see underneath her right thigh the label "Have a sip!". "Actually.... Um.. Hehe..." Marwynne hopped up onto the top of Lealani's huge shoe climbed up to the small crack on top of her shoe and slide down her foot to find a ginormous Lealani blushing back at him.

"Lll...lll...lea..Lealani?!?!" He stammered. He stared at her with a shocked face, trying to figure out what happened to her. "Hehe, hi sweetie...." She smiled and pulled her hair back with her right hand. She tried to look like nothing bad really happened, but in reality, she was grown to the side of the room and she couldn't move, and she was stuck in her boyfriend's room.

"Hhh...hhoww did this happen? How did you get so...." He stared at her new gigantic breasts "BIIG?" 
"I don't know... I just drank that little bottle that was sitting on your desk, and I just started to grow out of control!"
"Wait, what bottle?"
"The one...." 
She tried to grab the bottle with her right arm, but the little space that her large thigh occupied was too small for her large hand to reach 
"Ughhh..." she groaned.

"I'll get it" Marwynne said as he slowly bent down underneath Lealani's giant legs. He found the bottle right under her right thigh and pulled it out. 
"Where did this bottle come from?"
"I have no idea! But I was so curious as to drinking it!"
"How much did you drink?!" He said, as he started to climb up her legs towards her knees.
"I swear, I just took a sip!"
"I wonder what would've happened if you drank more than that" he mumbled.
"What was that?" She said, knowing what he said.
"Nothing! Nothing..." He quickly said. He finally got to the top of her knees, where the scared and innocent Lealani looked back at him for help. Looking back at him, giving a pouty face "Honey, help me...."
In calmity he replied "Don't you worry at all, baby, I got you"

Lealani blushed so much her cheeks turned rosy red and accidentally moved her legs a little, which made Marwynne unstable. He tried to regain his balance, but he couldn't do it. He fell forward, letting go of the bottle. He luckily fell on top of Lealani's soft breasts, but this is where things got interesting. He fell on her breasts, but the bottle went flying in the air.... INTO LEALANI'S MOUTH! She caught it in her mouth, and accidentally swallowed the entire bottle! 

Lealani gasped: "Oh no...."
Marwynne trying to get up: "What happened?"
He looked around, trying to search for the bottle "Where's the bottle?!"
All of a sudden, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach "OOOOOHHHH!!! Ahhhhh!!!"
"What's going on! Lealani! Are you okay?!?!"
Lealani, crying in sharp pain "Honey! Escape nooOOOWWW!!! Oooh... Before... it's too late.....Uuuuuuhhhhh!!!!!"

    Her body began to shake violently. Marwynne  quickly slid and fell down to the floor. He ran towards the door, where Lealani's left foot blocked his way. He stopped and turned back. Lealani was crying in pain as her body shook more and more. "Goooooo!! Before OOWW!! I grooow again!!" The room began to tremble more and more. As much as he didn't want to leave, he had to or else she would accidentally squish him when she grew. He began to climb up her foot and through the small crack. He fell down to the ground and stood up. He looked down the hallway and was about to take a step forwards, but all of a sudden he was pushed by something behind him!

    It was Lealani's pumps! They began to push him faster and faster towards the front door. Inside the room, Lealani did her best to not damage the house, but it was too late: the fireplace finally gave in and her right foot plowed through the wall. Her left foot finally broke free of the doorway, but darted quickly towards the front door. Her head pressed hard on the roof. "Aaaaaaahhh!!!! Make it stop!!!!" she yelled! She couldn't do anything but try not to damage the house she was growing in, which was nearly impossible. Her head finally broke into the roof and she broke into the second floor of his house. Her arms broke out of the house and dangled as they grew more larger. Her right foot that got stuck in the fireplace broke the bottom part of the stairs and broke the front window. Her legs stretched more and more as her heels finally reached daylight. Her head grew all the way to the top of the ceiling, and she hit it hard. "Oooohhh!!!" She yelled in pain. "When is it ever going to stop?!" 

    Coincidentally, she stopped right after saying that: Her arms flew out of two windows on both sides of the house and her pumps stopped right as her knees reached the doorway, which got stuck. From the street, her legs and arms protruded out of the house. Inside, on the second story, Lealani, still squinting her eyes, finally opened them to see what happened to her. In fact, she grew so much that her boobs were places on the floor of the second story, and the floor creaked at the heaviness. "What am I supposed to do now?" She worried. "At least I couldn't grow any larger since the drink wore off...."

She felt another sharp pain in her stomach....
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Nafyo-Toons Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
love the view ;)
SheikTheGeek Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014
A very BIG growth spurt!  :P
UrsaminorBeGTSArt Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Pretty cool collage. The only improvement to it would be to put a shadow underneath her right pump. I found the story even more interesting than the collage itself! Great work! :)
theclaimedname Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2013
Thank you! :D This was my first Pic with story, so I'm going to try to do this more often!
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